Medical Debt & Casetrackerlaw

 There are two types of debt, commercial and consumer, and then there are many categories; construction, real estate, aviation, medical, student loans...the list is long. Collecting consumer medical debt can be messy. There could potentially be multiple doctor visits depending on the type of medicine. Dermatology, for example, is a medical field that would require multiple trips to the doctor’s office. Let us set up a scenario with this type of debt collection.

Mrs. Smith takes her daughter to the dermatologist for the first time. The visit costs $800.00, insurance pay’s part but the rest is up to the patient. There is a balance of $300.00 which will be sent to collections.

The claim is entered into Casetrackerlaw with the status of Medical Services and claim type of Medical. However, the dollar amount entered should be $0.00. After entering the claim and saving it. Go back to the Debtor Info blue tab to enter the service visit under the Patient Information section. This is where you will enter the dollar amount of $300.00. Each time a visit is made and there is an amount owed, it can be added to the Patient Information section and each amount will increase the amount of the claim balance. (The status and type of debt are customizable)

Within the settings of CT, there is an option to “update the claim amount placed” using the debtor’s patient information. If this is “Yes”, then the service amounts will increase the claims balance.

To pay a service amount, just enter the amount received from the patient under the Payment tab, go to the debtor info tab, scroll to the patient info section, and archive the service amount that was just paid.


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