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System Settings: A few New Defaults

  Casetrackerlaw: System Settings: Default Update Casetrackerlaw is always evolving.   Always being improved upon by the existing users. The settings in Casetrackerlaw gives the ability to customize user screens with the functions and features needed for each user’s job or task. System Settings are global defaults that allow specific users to do specific things.    7 new defaults have been added that only the sadmin has access to. In the illustration, the last 7 defaults are only displayed for the sadmin.   These defaults are functions that admins may not want non sadmin users to perform.  

From Frustration to Efficiency: Why the Colombia Law List Recommends

As someone who has navigated the multifaceted labyrinth of debt collection for numerous years, I know how critical it is to leverage a software solution that can streamline and optimize your collection process. The sea of software providers may seem overwhelming, but through my years of experience, one company stands out from the rest: CasetrackerLaw. I’ve handpicked a set of crucial considerations, based on my own experience and success, to help you understand why CasetrackerLaw is an ideal partner in your journey to outstanding debt collection efficiency. Assessing Your Unique Needs: The starting point of any good software selection process lies in understanding your own unique needs. This involves the nature of your business, the volume of debt you oversee, your clientele, and the intricacies of your collection methods. In my experience, CasetrackerLaw's customizable approach excels at addressing these individual requirements. Comprehensive and Tailored Features: CasetrackerLaw

PDF Wizard: Merging Claim Info

PDF Wizard is another cool feature.   Court forms are legal documents that are formatted specifically to the court who require PDF filings.   You will need to use AdobeAcrobat Pro DC to create the PDF or something similar.   Import the legal form into Adobe, edit the merge fields that you will need to populate with claim information and save.   Export that template and import it into the Casetrackerlaw PDF Wizard.   1.     Go to Settings and select PDF Wizard.   You will see “New Template” and a field for the name of your document and a Choose File button.   2    On the right side you will see “New Merge Field” and a field for the name of the merge code that you will be adding and an Add button.   A new system will come with a few PDF Merge Fields however, there will be data that needs to be merged but no merge code and those will need to be added.    Enter the name of the merge field that you need, for example; enter Debtor Address and click Add.   3.    The next screen is