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Related Claims

There are firms and agencies that collect delinquent debt that is recurring.   For example, medical debt or companies that provide a recurring service such as auto repair.   These types of claims should be connected in some way so that they can be worked at the same time.   There could be multiple claims, each with its own balance that make up a grand total.   Casetrackerlaw has got you covered with a blue claim tab called “Related”.   This feature gives the user the ability to connect, tie or relate multiple claims together in order to work them at the same time.     The screenshot below illustrates how related claims will look. There is also a “Related Report” that can be used to find and view all the related claims in the system. A demand letter can also be generated and mailed to the debtor that will display the grand total of the related claims.

Manage Attorneys: How to Set Them Up

Do you forward claims to attorneys?   Casetrackerlaw makes it simple. Once the attorney is set up correctly, forwarding claims to your attorneys is a 123 process. To set up your attorneys, go to the Manage Attorneys link under the red dashboard or it could also be located in the Features drop-down menu.   It just depends on where you want the link to be located, it’s an option you have.   Click the Add Attorney link to open the form fields to enter the attorney’s contact information, Group Affiliation and Collection Rate.   The Group Affiliation is if the attorney is a member of an attorney organization that “bonds” or insures claims.   The attorney groups include The National List , Columbia List , General Bar , Forwarders List and the ALQ List.   These attorneys can be automatically added to Manage Attorneys or My Attorneys by clicking the “Add to My Attorneys” button when viewing a list of attorneys under any of the attorney organizations.  Enter the attorney’s firm name, usern

Letter Wizard: Archive Templates (A New Feature)

Casetrackerlaw gives its users the ability to create and generate professional letter templates using the Letter Wizard.   The templates are available to choose from via the Quick Prints blue tab when working in a claim.   There are no limits on how many templates you can enter into the Letter Wizard so when you go to select a letter template from the Quick Prints list, the list of letter options can be rather long and there may be letters that are no longer in use. An Archive button option has been added to the Letter Wizard’s actions column.   This gives users the ability to archive or hide a template when it’s no longer needed and won’t be displayed under the Quick Prints tab.   Templates can’t be deleted because that would cause a “File Can’t Be Found” message to appear if/when a user tries to view the letter under the Attachments blue tab at a future date. This function was added because a good client of ours emailed with a question about deleting templates that they no long

Letter Wizard: Merging Claim Information into Letters

  Casetrackerlaw comes equipped with 2 tools that will allow you to create your own templates for demand letters, notices and acknowledgments as well as professional legal court forms that will merge with claim information.   Letter Wizard is a cool feature that works similar to Word.   Create simple custom templates like demand letters and notices that merge with claim information.   If there isn’t a merge code listed that you need, we can add it.   All of your templates will be stored in the Letter Wizard where you can edit them.   You can also personalize templates for a specific client and just by changing the name of the template, you can create a new template, preserving the original.   To create a template, go to Settings and select Letter Wizard.   Click the link “Create New Letter Template” at the top of the page.     The below illustration shows the merge code drop-down menu options.   As you type your letter, you will select the merge code you need from the drop-down me