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Medical Debt & Casetrackerlaw

  There are two types of debt, commercial and consumer, and then there are many categories; construction, real estate, aviation, medical, student loans...the list is long. Collecting consumer medical debt can be messy. There could potentially be multiple doctor visits depending on the type of medicine. Dermatology, for example, is a medical field that would require multiple trips to the doctor’s office. Let us set up a scenario with this type of debt collection. Mrs. Smith takes her daughter to the dermatologist for the first time. The visit costs $800.00, insurance pay’s part but the rest is up to the patient. There is a balance of $300.00 which will be sent to collections. The claim is entered into Casetrackerlaw with the status of Medical Services and claim type of Medical. However, the dollar amount entered should be $0.00. After entering the claim and saving it. Go back to the Debtor Info blue tab to enter the service visit under the Patient Information section. This is where

Removing, Adding Staff & Transferring Claims

  Staff turnover can sometimes be a real problem.   People come and go.   Removing and adding users in Casetrackerlaw is a process.   Claims and Reminders assigned to an existing user will need to be transferred to the new staff member.   To do this, follow the steps below.   All Casetrackerlaw systems have a user limit so adding users can be a little tricky.  Only the sadmin can access Manage Staff. Step 1: transfer all claims and reminders to another staff member Step 2: delete or archive the staff member Step 3: add the new staff member Step 4: transfer all claims and reminders to the new staff member Transferring claims and reminders Click “Manage Collectors” located in the red access links, either under the red Dashboard or in the Features drop-down menu. Click the gray “Transfer Claims” button From: To: Filter by Creditor: optional Select Status Type: optional Click Transfer Click Assign (you can also transfer the reminders from this screen as well which m