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Go To Meeting vs. Zoom for Client Conferences, Demo's & Trainings

  Here at Casetrackerlaw, our major #1 goal is security next to system performance.   We take pride in knowing that Casetrackerlaw uses top of the line hardware, built with Adobe ColdFusion, the same software the US military uses and is PCI compliant.   So, when it comes to online meetings with our clients and their clients, we want to make sure that the online software service we use to conduct our meetings is also secure.   We use “Go To Meeting” for all of our online meetings and conference calls.   Zoom offers virtual meetings, team chats, video recording, email, and a calendar.   All the cool features are available however, after reading the Zoom User Generated Content License Agreement, we will not be using Zoom in the future. We just wanted to share with you some information that you may not have already known, because who reads the fine print?   Here is a link to the agreement, but I wanted to share a small portion of text from the agreement with you. USER CONTENT LI

Interfaces – Importing Payments in Bulk

Saving time is what Casetrackerlaw is all about.   Being able to do anything in bulk is great, especially if the task at hand is as tedious as data entry.   Like manually entering 50 to 100 check payments with all the pertinent information needed can be a grueling task and time consuming. Casetrackerlaw gives you a way out with one of our newest features that allows for importing payments in bulk using a CSV spreadsheet.  The Interfaces link is where the import options are listed and where you will select Payments from a drop-down menu.  Select and name your import, select the unique identifier then decide what is allowable.  Duplicates, new payment methods, new payment types or new “Payment To”.   See screenshot below.  The system will import the payments file, dropping the information into the correct fields and the system will recalculate the new claim balance.