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How many invoices are generated a day in your office?   If you are a collection law firm, more than likely quite a few.   It’s a time-consuming task and no one wants to do it but it’s one task that is vital to any growing firm. Casetrackerlaw supplies its users with multiple places to create and generate invoices.   Hourly Billing for attorney time is entered using the Timesheets blue tab when working on a claim. You have the option to go ahead and generate the invoice from the timesheets screen or you can generate invoices in bulk using the Billing link located in the red access links.   You can also apply payments in bulk. Attorney Fees and Court Cost invoices are entered using the Cost Ledger or Trust Account blue tabs.   Once you enter a court cost or attorney fee to the ledger or trust account, you can then click a button and generate an invoice for that cost/fee.   From the Cost Ledger, you can email the invoice to your client. To view all of the invoices for costs and

Entering Judgments with Attorney Fees

There are 2 ways to enter a judgment in Casetrackerlaw.   You can enter the claim without a judgment and add a judgment later or you can enter the claim with the judgment included. Make sure that the Add Claims form is displaying the Litigation section in order to submit claims with judgments.   If it’s not displayed on the Add Claims screen, go to Settings and click Add Claims Form Options.   From this screen, you can display or hide sections.   See the illustration below. To enter a claim with a judgment, click the Add Claims button, select the creditor or Forwarder/creditor, enter the debtor information, any co debtor information, and then enter any litigation information that you have.   You can always enter other data later.   There is a field for Pre-Judgment Attorney fees on the Litigation screen under the Suit Information section.   This amount will calculate into the claim balance before a judgment is entered. The post judgment attorney fees are entered when the judgment