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Related Claims: Part 2 > Making a Payment

  In part 1 of Related Claims, you learned that you could connect claims in order to work them more effectively.   In part 2 you will learn how to split a payment between multiple related claims. Multiple claims can be connected to each other with a grand total displayed.   The Related tab displays a list of the related claims, there could potentially be a few.   Now you want to post a payment and you want to split the payment between 3 claims.   A payment of $100.00 has been received.   The Payment screen on a claim that is related will also display an option to, Apply Payment to Related Claims: yes or no …select yes if you are splitting the payment, select no if you are not.   If yes, you would enter the split amount into each claim manually.   One claim will have $33.34 posted, two claims will have $33.33 posted.   

Updated New Feature! “Access User Permissions”

  As everyone knows, Casetrackerlaw gives the ability to limit what users have access to.    Basically, restrict what admin users can do in the system.  In the last post, I talked about 7 new system setting options that were included.  We have added a few more to that list. Settings, System Settings; this is the global defaults center where the ability to perform actions are restricted for ALL admin and collector users.   The top portion is available for all users however, the bottom portion is restricted, and only super admin can view and update this section. Simply click the Yes or No toggle for each line item, then Update and all admin or collector users screens will be customized. FYI: under Manage Staff, there are 5 defaults pertaining to each user.  You can take global access away in system settings, but can give individual access to specific users.