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Email & Fax Campaigns

  Save time and money using these features.   Casetrackerlaw allows its users to send an email or fax campaign daily, weekly or monthly.   Make sure that the Auto Email and Auto Fax blue tabs are displayed.   This is done via Manage Staff, Blue Claim Tabs link.   If the debtor has an email address, you can set up an email campaign that tells them to call your office to schedule payments.   The debtor can receive an automatic email reminding them to make a payment each month or a reminder that an auto-payment will be deducted from their account on a specific date. The “To” email address will auto fill from the claim, the body of the email is a template that is setup in Settings, Edit Email Templates and can be completely customized.   Click the [Mail] link (see below) to set up the campaign and use the above illustration as an example. Ending a campaign is simple.   Click the Auto Email blue tab and edit or delete the email campaign.   The campaign is recorded in the Notes and Summary

Manage Staff - How To Set Up Your In-House Users and The Roles They Play

Creating, setting up and customizing what your in-house users are able to do and see is done in Settings, under Manage Staff.   This settings feature allows the super administrator (Sadmin) to setup user (admins and collectors) screens with only the links and tabs that he/she wants them to have as well as a few other abilities. Super Admin: can do everything in the system and the only user that can access Manage Staff. Admin: can do almost everything a super admin can with the exception of accessing Manage Staff. Collectors: can only do what the super admin gives them access to.   The above screenshot shows you how to set up an admin user.   The Username will appear in dropdown menus throughout the system.   The email address can be used when updating clients (this field is optional) as the “from” email.   Phone is optional.   The yes/no are limits for each user; do you want this user to be able to do this action?   Claim Status/Payment Access: update the client and post paym